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Alexis Webster

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Alexis Webster, Budget Style Guide, began her style education at Condé Nast and covered fashion and lifestyle products during public relations, advertising and editorial stints in her seven years in NYC.


Alexis has an undergraduate degree in English and has been a professional writer for nearly 10 years.

By Alexis Webster:

Surrounded by high fashion, my credit cards paid the price of my early attempts to keep up with NYC trends. Living mere blocks away from a Sephora didn't help, either. My fashion style has evolved since then, and I've learned that being in style doesn't have to mean abandoning my budget. I stay abreast of the latest trends, but am not a slave to them. I've learned to navigate malls, makeup counters, the Internet, big-box stores and drugstores for affordable products and fashions.

I know when to splurge and where to cut corners when shopping, and I am excited to share my favorite budget-friendly fashion and beauty finds with you.

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