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Maybelline Mineral Power Powder Foundation

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The Bottom Line

With the widest array of color choices you'll find in drugstore makeup, Maybelline's Mineral Power Foundation provides coverage similar to the more expensive cult-favorite, i.d. bareMinerals. At less than half the price, it is a solid budget option for consumers - provided you have your own applicator brush, that is.


  • 8 color choices
  • Sheer, lightweight coverage
  • No skin irritants (like talc or fragrance)
  • Under $10


  • Prickly, too-small brush
  • No SPF
  • Contains synthetic, as well as natural, ingredients


  • Triple-filtered powder mineral foundation
  • Buildable coverage with included kabuki brush
  • Lightweight, luminous finish

Guide Review - Maybelline Mineral Power Powder Foundation

If you want to buff your skin to a flawless finish without feeling like you are wearing pounds of makeup, mineral powder foundation is the current answer. Until the launch of Maybelline's Mineral Power line, however, consumers had limited - and expensive - options.

I tested Light #2, which looked slightly pinkish in tone in the container. During a side-by-side comparison on my arm against the bareMinerals color I had matched at Sephora, however, I could hardly discern a difference between the two. The powder looked and felt like bareMinerals, and had no odor that I could detect.

Application with Mineral Power is identical to the bareMinerals product - you tap a bit of powder into the lid of the container, then swirl the included kabuki brush into the lid before applying to your face in small circular swirls. Here is where the brush fails this first-rate product. Too small for application on any normal person's face, the bristles were also extremely prickly on my sensitive skin. When I used by bareMinerals kabuki brush, however, the product was easy to apply and performed as advertised – namely, my skin looked smoother and brighter, with an even tone overall.

At less than half the price of other mineral makeup options, Maybelline's Mineral Power Powder Foundation is a great budget alternative. Easy to find at drugstores and grocery stores, with a wide array of color choices, it provides sheer, buildable coverage. For best results, I recommend investing in a larger, quality kabuki brush to replace the small, ineffective one provided here. With the savings you'll pocket from this great beauty bargain, however, you can afford the splurge.

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