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Jergens Natural Glow Express

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The Bottom Line

For a cheap color boost, Jergens Natural Glow Express offers a full shade of darkening in just three days. Because of its thick formula, which is difficult to blend, as well as the orange tint your skin may get after days of use, the latest Jergens self-tanner does not perform as well as the original Natural Glow.


  • Gives a color boost overnight
  • Moisturizes skin as it tints
  • Contains anti-oxidants
  • Affordable ($6-$8 at drugstores)


  • Difficult-to-blend thick cream may leave streaks
  • Has a tendency to turn orangey after repeat applications
  • Only 2 shades available (Medium and Dark)
  • Does not include sun protection


  • Designed to give color after one use
  • Darkens skin one full shade after 3 days of use
  • Exclusive "glow-perfecting complex" contains anti-oxidants

Guide Review - Jergens Natural Glow Express

Full disclosure: I love Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer, and admit that I headed into this product review with a bit of a bias. I fully expected the latest self-tanning offering - a quicker version of the beloved Natural Glow - to wow me.

Natural Glow Express is a much thicker cream than the original Natural Glow, and has a slightly stronger - though not unpleasant - scent. A few healthy squirts of the thick cream were necessary to coat each leg. Aside from having sore muscles from the strain of rubbing the lotion in, applying this self-tanner was identical to applying any other.

I used the product at night, anticipating golden tan legs the next morning. Instead, my legs had noticeable streaks, a result (in my opinion, anyway) of the too-thick cream, which is difficult to apply and spread evenly. After resigning myself to wearing pants for a few days, I slathered on another coat. Since I focused on the areas that I missed the first time around, my legs did look better after the product set in, but I found the color to be too dark for my pale skin and slightly orange (read: fake) in tone. My skin also had the telltale scent of self-tanner, which some may find bothersome.

I waited a full week before trying a different tactic. For this application, I rubbed a combination of the Natural Glow Express and my everyday body lotion on my legs at the same time. This made the lotion much easier to spread, with far better results.

Because of its thick consistency and too-dark results when used as directed, Natural Glow Express isn't nearly as foolproof - or natural - as its cousin, Natural Glow. Though 72% of users on MakeupAlley.com said that they would use the product again, this reviewer is sticking with the original.

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