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Vaseline - The Best Beauty Product Ever?

One Cheap Product, 5 Beauty Uses


Every woman needs a jar of Vaseline in her cupboard. Stop the snickering, please, and give us a chance to explain. Makeup artists, beauty experts and many of our own mothers have been relying on this cheap, multi-purpose goop for everything from dry skin to frizzy hair for years. Get yourself a jar - stat - and check out these top beauty uses for one of our all-time favorite beauty bargains.

1. Eye Cream

Sure, you will glisten in the dark, but petroleum jelly will soften the skin around your eyes while you sleep. We cannot attest to its wrinkle-fighting powers, but we know some (good-looking) grandmas who will!

2. Dry Skin

From scaly elbows to rough heels or cuticles, your driest patches will be no match for the mighty Vaseline. (Tip: cover slathered feet in socks to keep your sheets clean!)

3. Frizz Tamer

From split ends to untamed eyebrows, the tiniest dab rubbed between your fingers will tame any out-of-control hair.

4. Lip Gloss

Out of lipstick? Grab a lip liner, blend some color all over your lips, and top with Vaseline for instant color shine on the cheap.

5. Eye/Cheek Gloss

Mix a bit of Vaseline with powdered eye shadow or blush for a highlighting sheen. Apply sparingly – you don’t want people to see their reflections in your makeup.
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