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Green Style: Eco-Friendly Fashion, Makeup & Skin Care

Who says a stylish girl can’t also have a conscience? Go green without blowing all of yours with these eco-and animal-friendly fashion and beauty products.

Review: Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant
Is it possible to find an effective natural deodorant that costs less than $3?

Where To Find Budget-Friendly Eco-Fashion
What is green fashion, you ask? Well, it is more than skirts made from corn and boring, colorless shirts made from plain cotton. If we dig a bit further, we will find out that green fashion takes into account not only the environment but the health of consumers and the process from which these products are made.

Natural Beauty Products for Less
From natural to organic and cruelty-free, find out where to buy fabulously guilt-free products - at prices you can actually afford.

Green Bags - The Must-Have Tote
Do you have this season’s must-have bag? Your Fashion Guide reports on the latest trends in eco-totes.

Secondhand Savings - Resale Shopping Tips
Save the planet – and your 401K with these tips for shopping secondhand stores, from your About Fashion Guide.

Bamboo Dreams - How Do Bamboo Sheets Rate?
Your Green Living Guide reviews a new trend in sheets – bamboo!

How To Shop At Thrift Stores
Ever wondered how your vintage-obsessed friend always finds the cutest things just by shopping at thrift stores? Can't figure out why every time you go thrifting, you end up with a big pile of novelty items and mom jeans? Read on for my top tips on finding your next major thrift score.

Organic Cotton 101 - What Makes it Different?
What makes organic cotton different? Your Green Living Guide explains why it is better for the planet here.

Tom's of Maine Natural Confidence Deodorant
The only natural deodorant that stands a chance against summer in New York City, Tom's of Maine works so well, you'll almost forget it's made out of hippie crystals. Almost.

Budget Beauty: CEW Beauty Award Winners for Less Than $20

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