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Save Money on Hair Care

Small Changes. Big Savings.


Looking to save money on hair care? From shopping for double-duty products to taking fewer visits to the salon, there are lots of ways to stretch your hair care budget without looking as if you've neglected your appearance. Check out these easy tips for how to save money on hair care.

1. Visit the Salon Less

Professional haircuts and coloring make up a large portion of hair care spending, so you can save a lot of money simply by going to the salon less frequently. Talk to your stylist about how to transition to a look or color that doesn't require as much upkeep.

2. Buy Cheaper Products

Your salon stylist may recommend great hair care products, but she may also just be pushing the products that make her job easier. Particularly if you don't have color-treated hair, there's no need to pay $20 for shampoo. These days, most of the mainstream hair care lines make a wide variety of specialty products, so you can find one that meets your hair care needs without taking out a second mortgage on your home.

3. DIY

The general rule of thumb with DIY hair color is that going darker is generally OK, while going lighter is best left to the professionals. There is a reason, after all, that even colorists don't highlight their own hair. Be warned, however, some OTC color kits might make your colorist's job harder (and more expensive for you) the next time you do visit the salon. Stick to non-permanent color if you intend to use at-home color as a between-salon-visit option.

4. Go to Model/Training Days at Salons

Don't be scared to take a salon up on an offer of a seriously cheap cut or color because you are afraid of getting a botched job - the stylists at a "model" or "new talent" event are still trained professionals (who will be supervised). Unless you are a complete control freak about your hair, letting junior stylists/colorists at your locks is a great way to try something new for a bargain price. Keep in mind that a free model event might give you less control over what is done to your hair than a new talent promotion (which is generally discounted, but not free).

5. Buy Double-Duty Products

Instead of loading up your cabinets with extraneous bottles, look for shampoos and conditioners that come with additional benefits such as sun or heat protectors.

6. Choose All-Over Color

Blondes may have more fun, but the upkeep on flaxen locks is significantly more than a single-process color. Since natural-looking, sun-kissed hair requires highlights, going darker is your best bet. Work with your stylist to choose a color that won't be too harsh for your skin tone.

7. Ask for a Price Reduction at Your Salon

If you are facing a financial hardship and have a long-standing relationship with your stylist, it's worth asking for a temporary price reduction. No one wants to lose a good client, so you may find that your stylist is more than willing to reduce his fee for you - just be sure to make it up to him down the road. If you have your own services to offer, you can always try to barter with your stylist for a cut or color (they may have a contract preventing this, however).
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