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5 Ways to Properly Care for Your Leather Handbag


Proper care of your handbag may not be first on your mind, but if you’ve ever experienced the joy of finding the perfect bag (not too big, not too small, just the right amount of pockets) then you know the importance of proper handbag care. It's that sinking feeling you get when you are faced with the disheartening task of having to replace it. Here are five ways to properly care for your handbag, make it last longer, and keep that dreaded moment at bay.

1. Use a Leather Protector Spray

To protect leather from weather, puddles, and freak smoothie accidents, be sure to guard your prize possession with a leather protectant. You can purchase one for $8-$30 from any leather boutique, shoe store or cobbler. Bring your bag in to make sure the product will work for your type of leather and be sure to follow the directions precisely.

2. Invest in a Purse Caddy

Not only will a purse liner (like PurseIn, $28.99) keep your keys away from your iPhone, it will also prevent the dreaded pen leak, purple eye shadow explosion, or melted lipstick catastrophe from obliterating the liner of your purse. Also, in the off chance you do want to switch handbags for the day, a purse caddy makes transfer of essentials instantaneous.

3. Don’t Put Your Bag on the Floor

The laws of gravity decree that all things gross congregate on the floor. So where do you put your bag at a restaurant or bar as you sit down for hands-free merriment? I sometimes hang my bag from my knee or the back of my chair, but those are janky alternatives to the growing popularity of purse holders. These free-hanging, decorative hooks will stow your precious from almost any surface, and in close proximity. They range in price from under $5 to $16 and take up very little tote space.

4. Keep Your Hands Clean

Carry hand sanitizer or wipes with you at all times. Keeping your hands clean not only makes Momma happy, it will also prevent grime from your hands from transferring to your bag. The fewer cleaning products and chemicals you use on your leather, the longer it will last.

5. The Power of Maintenance

Don’t wait till that frayed strap snaps or that coffee stain sets in irrevocably. Take your bag to the leather repair shop at the first sign of wear and wipe the outside with a slightly damp cloth every other day to remove grit and grime.

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