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Top 8 Handbags Under $50

The Best in Spring/Summer Handbag Trends for 2010


When purchasing a handbag this season, it's go big or go home. Boxy, slouchy, oversized, colorful, masculine, or over-the-shoulder, discover your favorite handbag trend for under $50.

1. The Rectangle Tote

Lulu*s, $44

Tote bags are versatile, chic, casual and practical. This season, totes aren't just canvas anymore. Look for totes in buttery leather, bright colors, square shapes, and with details like patent leather, exposed zippers and envelope flap closures.

2. The Doctor Bag

Lulu*s, $34

The doctor is in the house! Add some Soho chic to your wardrobe with a sophisticated black doctor bag. The best part about a doctor bag? It has feet so you can set it down anywhere without fear of spillage.

3. The Hobo

Forever 21, $32.80

If the doctor bag is too ambitious for you, try the hobo. The hobo's slouchy, laid back nature makes it incredibly versatile and comfortable to carry. Just make sure your hobo has plenty of pockets because this style tends to swallow lipstick and keys and can make answering your cell phone in time a panicky experience. This season, look for pleats, studs, envelope flaps, and buckle details.

4. The Envelope Bag

Lulu*s, $41

Characterized by its large flap closure, envelope handbags are making a comeback. I adore this specimen from Lulu*s which combines chunky gold hardware and "feet" with a relaxed hobo shape.

5. The Handbag-Sized Backpack

Newport News, $44

I'm sure you remember the dreaded mini-backpack of the 1990s. Well, the backpack-as-handbag is big again this season, but in a much less comical size perfect for bike riding and shopping. Leather or leatherette is a must when purchasing this style, but also look for classy detailing like an interior frame, pleats, and hardware.

6. The Tapered Tote

Newport News, $29

Although not the most practical shape for finding elusive neccessities in a timely manner, this new, modern shape in handbags will instantly update your wardrobe.  This tapered shape can also be found with a versatile fold-over top.

7. The Patterned Bag

Delias, $34.50

With tribal accessories and mixed prints all over the fashion-scape these days, a colorful patterned bag is a must. Don't worry too much about matching your outfit to your patterned bag. Just take a cue from designers like Mark Jacobs and Givenchy, who sent head to toe <a href="http://budgetstyle.about.com/od/trendsforless/ss/Spring2010Trends_3.htm">mixed patterns</a> down the runway for Spring/Summer 2010.

8. The Satchel

Forever 21, $32.80

Squarish, slightly masculine and usually worn cross-body, the satchel helps you feel a little more collegiate, even while you're eating at Hot Dog on a Stick in the mall food court. Satchels are great for bike riding and hands-free shopping and with all that extra space, you might be able to leave your reusable shopping bags at home!

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