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Fair Trade Tribal Accessories Under $35

Indulge in the Tribal Trend Whilst Helping Independant Artisans


The "tribal" trend is huge for the quickly approaching spring season. What better way to indulge in this trend than to buy handmade and support hardworking international artisans? Here are my top ten fair-trade accessories picks to add a little exotic color to your spring wardrobe, guilt-free.

1. Crisanta Fire Gingham Fair Trade Scarf (India)


What does it matter that this scarf is eco-friendly, fair-trade and 100% natural when it features such a fascinating combination of orange and turquoise checks? It definitely matters. This cotton scarf is also available in adorable purple and yellow checks.

2. Sterling Silver Red Sea Coral Earrings (Indonesia)


Here are a pair of outfit makers for you! The perfect embellishment for a little black dress, a turquiose cocktail ring, and a scarlet pout.

3. Bead and Bone 10 Round Bracelet (India)


The devil-may-care attitude of mismatched bone and glass beaded bangles combined into one vibrant cuff. This will instantly electrify a simple gauzy blouse, high waisted stovepipe jeans and strappy sandals.

4. Twenty Star Blue Coconut Horn Necklace (China)


Frida Kahlo would rock this necklace with red roses in her hair. Turquoise loves red, its color wheel complement, so try popping this on with red shoes or even a red dress for brilliant results.

5. Miracle Earth Hemp Shoulder Bag (Thailand)


Not only is this shoulder bag practical and chic, it is a pristine specimen of eco-friendly hemp and hand-stitched embroidery.

6. Turquoise Mosaic Oval Necklace (India)


Might as well go all the way and make a real statement with this copper inlaid wooden necklace. This statement will go with anything from a t-shirt and jeans to a vintage sundress.

7. Agate Inlaid Handbag (India)


Everyone should have a tiny precious object like these ornate agate inlade evening bags from India, just to feel a little more royal for the day.

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