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Top 5 Sunglasses Under $10

Where to Buy the Latest Eyewear Trends


Want some chic eye protection for sunny days ahead, but don't know which ones are best for your face shape? Read on, fellow sunworshiper, read on.

1. Round

Urban Outfitters

While round glasses are undeniably chic and vividly evoke such icons as John Lennon, Johnny Depp and Harry Potter, they can be difficult for most mortals to look good in. Go ahead and attempt this shape if you have an oblong face or an angular jawline.

2. Chunky and Angular

Forever 21

Space-age shades hearkening back to the late '80s and early '90s are making a comeback, but don't attempt this shape if you have a wide face or square jaw. This style is easiest to pull off if you have an oval face or narrow forehead.

3. Wayfarers

Forever 21

Chloe Sevigny had a lot to do with repopularizing  this 60s shape and it has stuck around for quite awhile. This season you can't lose with the chunkier versions in tortoiseshell. This shape looks great on almost every face shape, but stick with a slightly more rounded style if you have a wide jawline.

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4. Faded Aviators

Go Jane

Aviators are also a universally flattering style, but avoid the mirrored version if you don't want to look like a motorcycle cop. Smaller lenses with fades are especially hip this year.

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5. Preppy

Forever 21

Get out your sweater vests and boat shoes, collegiate frames are all the rage. Rock some slightly rounded, faintly nerdy shapes reminiscent of the Brat Pack films of the '80s.  Think of Buddy Holly's iconic tortoiseshell glasses. Best to avoid this style if you have a round jawline.

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