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Top 5 Shoe Trends for Spring 2010

Get This Season's Hippest Looks for Less


The evolution of shoe trends has been interesting lately. If there was one word I would use to describe them this season, it would be "hybrid." Booties merge with sandals, oxfords fuse with wedges, and clunky clogs morphe into platform heels. What to buy? The following are the top five trends to adopt this season at an easy-to-swallow price.

1. Heeled Clogs


It seems that once Chanel does something, it is written in stone as "The Next Big Thing." What Karl says, goes, so you'd better get used to it. Clogs are making a comeback.

Donning the notoriously unflattering clog can be tricky business if you're not a six foot tall runway model. I recommend a high-heeled version in a light, neutral shade to mimic a longer leg and avoid that "hoofed" look.

2. Boots and Booties


Temperatures may be climbing, but boots and booties are going nowhere. Is there an easier way to warm up that floaty sundress you've been dying to wear all winter, than to pair it with some clever booties, neutral tights and a slouchy cardigan? I think not. Plus, with all the mesh, cut-outs, and lace-ups we've been seeing, it will be easy to wear this trend even through the summer.


3. Modern Wedges


Wedges are no longer taking after their Marvin Gaye-loving predecessors of the 70s. Wedges are now combining aesthetics with oxfords, gladiators and booties. They can even be found in shiny, futuristic metallics or in architectural, pedestal styles for a touch of the avant garde.

4. Lace-Ups


Lace-ups have a plethora of associations, from bondage to ballet, which makes them incredibly versatile. Laces can be found everywhere this season, from combat booties to platform cage heels. Wear them with anything from black lace fishnets to coquettish mini skirts.

5. Colorful Platforms


Every girl needs a pair of sexy statement shoes and this season is no exception with platform pumps still on the rise. Platforms add extra height without the extra ankle pain. Make that little black dress new again with a popping pair of platforms made modern with silver studs and an almond-shaped toe.

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