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YuBe Moisturizing Skin Cream

Review: YuBe Moisturizing Skin Cream

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As I write this review, I can actually feel the moisture being sucked out of my body. That's because, like many of you, I'm one of those lucky people who essentially turns into a mummy every year at around Thanksgiving and stays that way until the Spring Equinox.

In years past, I'd note the passing calendar leaves with trepidation, dreading the season of dry, itchy skin ahead. But since I've added YuBe Moisturizing Skin Cream to my arsenal, I'm not nearly as nervous. (I would still rather be in Belize, let's be honest, but the skin cream is cheaper.)

Does It Work?

Oh, does it ever. YuBe is just short of a miracle. If it were a little lighter and less medicinal smelling (and more on this in a minute) I would probably bathe in the stuff. It's pretty much the only thing besides Vaseline that works on my dry elbows and feet -- and since I don't feel like greasing myself up like a marathon runner every day, YuBe wins.

Texture, Feel, and Smell:

YuBe feels lighter than a lot of heavy, deep-moisturizing creams, like Aquaphor and Vaseline. But it's still a slightly greasy-feeling formula. There's probably no way around that, given the heavy-duty nature of the product, and I must say that it absorbs quickly for its weight. But you're not going to want to put this on your feet and then run and get the mail, is all I'm saying. You'll wind up creating a Slip 'n Slide in your hallway, no socks or tarp necessary.

The smell, as I mentioned above, is a bit strong. That's because of the camphor, which the manufacturers add in order to reduce skin irritation. The company notes on its website that smell dissipates quickly, and that's true, but be prepared for a slight Vicks Vaporub odor when you first apply.

I have no caveats at all about the texture, which is smooth and rich and instantly comforting. You sort of know, as you apply this, that help is on the way.

Ease of Use:

Again, for a heavy-duty cream, this goes on pretty easy. If you just rub it in -- say on your elbows, or face -- it absorbs within a minute. I also like to put it on my feet before bed, and then cover them with clean socks. That whole operation takes hardly any time at all, but it's the only thing that keeps my lil paws from turning into hooves during the chilly winter months.

YuBe says you can use its cream anywhere -- on your elbows and feet, but also on your face and even your lips. This is, surprisingly, totally true. Just keep it away from your eyes unless you've been dying to find out what camphor feels like in an eyeball. (Hint: not good.)

The other active ingredients in YuBe are glycerin, vitamin E, vitamin B2, vitamin C, and sodium hyaluronate. Note that this is not a paraben-free product, so if that's something that concerns you, you're better off with another product. It's also doesn't contain SPF, so it's best used at night, when you're away from the sun's rays.

Bang for Your Buck:

Although not the cheapest of the cheapo beauty products, this is a great deal. I get the 2.5 ounce jar, and it lasts six months to a year. The key is to start with a little dab and move up. You don't need a ton of product to get results.

Price: $16 and up.

Is It Worth It? Totally. YuBe has pretty much singlehandedly cured my dry winter skin.

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