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Style Essentials: Build the Perfect Budget Wardrobe

From jeans to dresses (and everything in between), you can build a stylish wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Find out where to shop and how to save on your favorite everyday looks with these budget style tips.

What do I wear when I'm *gaining* weight?
How to stretch your wardrobe with just a few purchases.

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Dynamic Duo Does Kohl's!
Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Dynamic Duo Does Kohl's!

Why Do My Jeans Wear out So Quickly?
Doesn't it seem like ladies' jeans wear out much faster than men's? Here's why.

How Many Bras Do I Need?
You can buy as many bras as your little heart desires, and your wallet allows. But how many do you actually need? This many.

Can I Wear White After Labor Day?
Where did the rumor come from that you can only wear white during the summer?

Budget Back-to-School Clothes for Grownups
Let's be serious: grownups are the people who could really use some great new clothes at back-to-school time.

Fashion Tips for Teachers on a Budget
Teachers aren't always known for their sense of style. Their career doesn't call for it - being constantly surrounded by students and their messes, always working on their feet not to mention a salary that cannot afford them expensive clothing to wear to work. As busy as teachers are, who has time to put together the perfect outfit? Here are...

LOOKBOOK: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's Fall 2011
Well, it's the line we've all been waiting for! The Jennifer Lopez Collection features everything from work-appropriate black pants and silky blouses to Jennifer Lopez signatures like off-the-shoulder tops, sky-high heels and jumpsuits. The Jennifer Lopez Collection is devoted mostly to clothing, but also includes home items and accessories.

How To Buy Cute, Cheap Maternity Clothing
Congratulations, Moms-to-Be! Remember, just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to sacrifice personal style & fashion. However, it's important to know that you don't have to break the bank on clothes you will hopefully only be in the next few months, and even after your pregnancy is over! Use these few tips to help you buy great...

Stunning Summer Dresses
Even though summer has almost come to an end, the weather is still beautiful enough to rock some of best summer casual dress choices. I've round up a bunch of places where you can find the best selection of casual summer dresses for under $100. Some of the dresses are trend-right and others are stylish, but can be worn more than just one summer...

Shop Michelle Obama's Summer Look for Less
Michelle brought fun to everyday clothing and has made high fashion more accessible. Her accessible and affordable fashion choices have gained her many admirers, and she has changed the face of political fashion by being the first First Lady to wear both high and low-end fashion. I personally love her accessible style and I've taken the time to...

How To Update Your Wardrobe On A Tight Budget
We always tend to think that in order to enhance our wardrobe or update our look, we have to spend lots of money or buy really cheap clothes. That is absolutely false. Really, all you have to do is make minor adjustments to your own clothes and accessories. If there is a need to make purchases, you will have to learn to shop smart and have a...

Style Solutions for the Budget Stylista
Find all the answers to your most pressing fashion & style questions. From jeans to dresses (and everything in between), learn how to build a stylish wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Find out where to shop and how to save on your favorite everyday looks with these budget style basics.

How to Buy New Clothes While Losing Weight
As you feel the need to buy clothes, the most important thing is to consider your budget during your weight-loss program and your goals. For those of you seeking solutions to this most challenging mid-diet phase, here are some tips that just might help!

How to Choose the Best Graduation Dress
Graduation day, whether from high school or college, is one of the most important days in one's life. Therefore, it is important to really put some thought into the type of dress you choose to wear on this special day. Not to mention, there are several factors to consider when making this selection - price being one of them. Because there are so...

Find the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body and Budget
Here's a guide that will aim to help you find a swimsuit that not only flatters your particular body type, but makes it easy to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative - or minimize it, at least! Finding the right swimsuit for your body type, at the right price doesn't have to be a daunting task.

Vacation Fashion 2011: What to Buy, Now!
Target has partnered with Calypso St. Barth, the global luxury lifestyle brand known for upscale resort wear, to introduce an affordable, limited-edition collection for fashion and home. Clothing prices range from $14.99 to $49.99.

Celebrity Look for Less: Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian hits the NYC streets in a green floral Karen Zambos Vintage Couture dress, turning heads! This look will run you over $1000; find out how to do it for under $150.

Celebrity Look for Less: Beyonce's 2011 NBA All Star Game Outfit
Even though slightly overdressed for a basketball game, Beyonce presented herself as a fierce trendsetter. It was the 2011 NBA All Star Game, what else would we expect?

Budget Brand Alert: New Brand For Trendy Work Clothes
For those of you looking for trendy work clothes with prices that are easy on the wallet, then Bar III could be just what you are looking for. If you are a fan of clothes by Rachel Roy or BCBGeneration, then you will love what Bar III has to offer. The best part is you will not go broke buying these clothes!

Suit Yourself!
Could there be a more versatile closet staple than a blazer? Of course not! The “perfect blazer” is one of those items that every woman should own one of, and winds up on every fashion insider’s “must-have list” each season. But where can you find a great-looking blazer, for an even better price? That is where I come in; I’m here to tell you...

Find the perfect black blazer for the best quality, fit and price
Finding the perfect black blazer can be daunting. But year after year, season after season, the staple of the perfectly fitted black blazer lives on. It can dress up jeans and dress down a cocktail dress, all with a flair of sophistication and cool. A well-fitted blazer is a Must-Own Item. So you're like, "DUH. Obvious. But what makes the perfect blazer and how can I get my hands on one with my …

8 Black Blazers Under $70
Now that you know what the perfect black blazer should be - from menswear inspired, to ultra-ladylike - here are 8 online options to get you “suited up” for less than

Where to Shop for Jeans
Jeans. They can get you through casual Fridays, date nights and all of your weekend fun. Find the perfect pair - no matter what your budget - with these picks for the best places to shop for jeans.

Cheap Travel Tips
Heading on holiday? Don't make the mistake of blowing your entire vacation budget before you've even left home. With these cheap travel tips, you can look good - and save money - on your next getaway.

Shopping Online - Which Websites are the Best for Shopping Online
Shopping online is one of the easiest ways to compare prices and find bargains - on everything from shoes to makeup. Sound off on your favorite places for shopping online here.

How to Save Money on Clothes
If your clothing budget has taken a hit lately, learn how to save money on clothes - and still look fab - with these easy tips.

Wardrobe Basics on a Budget
Even if they are all you have hanging in your closet, these six fashion staples can take you from work to weekend (and everything in-between) in wallet-friendly style!

Style Steals - Jeans
You don't have to spend big bucks to get a great pair of jeans. Check out these 5 style steals - each pair of jeans is under $100!

Summer Style Essentials
From hot shoe trends and heat-resistant makeup to what to wear to a summer wedding, outfit your summer - for less - with this roundup of summer style essentials.

Style Essential - The White Button-Down Shirt
The white button-down shirt is a wardrobe essential for every woman. Learn how to find the right fit and style - and where to shop the look for less - with these tips for finding the perfect white button-down shirt.

Cute (and Cheap!) Summer Dresses
Find fab summer dresses - on the cheap - with this handy shopping list for summer dresses.

Beach Essentials - 10 Must-Have Styles
If you're headed for the beach, be sure to pack these budget- and sand-friendly styles for your trip. From tote bags and sunglasses to swimsuits and flip-flops, this roundup of essential beach styles will help you soak up the sun - and save money - in style.

5 Fashion and Beauty Resolutions
If your resolution list for 2009 includes saving money (whose doesn't?), you may think that means cutting up your credit cards and resigning yourself to a year without fashion. Think again. These five simple resolutions can help you look great and save money all year long. Cutting your credit cards up won't hurt, either.

Black Friday Shopping Tips
With slashed prices, early-bird deals and desperate retailers, consumers can save big on Black Friday. These tips will help you make the most of the day. Happy bargain hunting!

Work Clothes on the Cheap
Need an outfit for work? Get this stylish suit - plus shoes, jewelry and a handbag - for under $175!

Shop these Looks for Less
Whether you are looking for a great outfit for work, weekend or date night, look no further than this roundup of women's outfits for less. Each complete look is less than $150, head to toe!

Old Navy Jeans - "The Flirt"
Looking for a pair of jeans that won't break the bank? At under $30, Old Navy's "The Flirt" jeans are getting lots of buzz, but is the hype worth it? Check out my review to see what I thought of Old Navy's "The Flirt" jeans.

Cute Look for Fall
Who says you can't save money and look fab at the same time? Check out this entire outfit - from shoes to jewelry - that will let you sport the latest fall fashions for under $150.

Fall Fashion for Less
Get the latest fall fashions for less with this cute fall outfit - all for under $150.

Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall
Make your summer wardrobe last into the colder weather with these key pieces for transitioning your summer wardrobe into fall.

Find great clothing, shoes and beauty products - at great prices - at Kohl's.

Update Your Wardrobe for Fall
From jeans to a sheath dress and a neutral suit, you've got the basics covered - fab! Now, learn how to update your wardrobe and make your old stuff look very Fall 2008 with a few simple additions.

Fashion for the Kids
Check out these back-to-school suggestions to find out how to save on fashions for the kids.

Travel Luggage for Less
Pack for your weekend getaway or European tour - and still have money for your trip - with these top luggage looks for less.

Swimwear for Summer 2008 - Hot Swimwear Trends for Less
Get the latest looks in swimwear - at wallet-friendly prices - with this roundup of beach-ready swimsuits.

T-Shirts Under $20
You can never have too many of this staple in your closet. The Teen Fashion Guide has rounded up top t-shirt picks under $20.

Small Budget? 8 Bargain Shopping Tips
Check out these 8 essential budget shopping tips for women of any size, from your About Guide to Plus-Size Fashion.

7 Ways to Be a Smarter Sale Shopper
Don't hit the sale rack without reading these 7 secrets for maximizing your money. From your About Guide to Fashion.

Find Your Casual Look
From weekend casual to dress-down Fridays, your Fashion Guide shares her secrets for wearing a casual look with style.

Warm Coats. Cool Prices
Keep warm, look stylish and save money this winter with this roundup of great winter coats - you won't find one for more than $150.

Go Red for Women - Wear Red Day
I really like my heart. It doesn't break down when I decide to dance my face off in a smoky bar for 3 hours after having skipped yoga class... for a year. But heart disease is nothing to shake a stick at. That's why the American Heart Association has dubbed today Wear Red Day. There is nothing quite as striking as a little red dress. Red is a color that is easy for most skin tones to pull of…

Packing Light and Chic
So you’re packing for a trip where you’ll be meeting exciting people and doing exciting things, posing for photos, and walking a ton. You don’t want to be weighed down, but you have moods and you need a multitude of options to suit them. But what’s worse? Not getting to wear your clunky platform boots when you are in a distinct clunky-platform-boot kind of mood, or lugging a steamer trunk…

What to Wear to a Pool Party or Beach
What To Wear To A Pool Party, How to dress for the beach. A cute summer picnic outfit. Spring / Summer, 2010

What To Wear When You're Losing Weight
p So you're eating healthier and exercising on the regular and the pounds are dropping fast. You're feeling determined and you know it's just a matter of time when you can reward yourself with a whole new wardrobe. Until then, your old clothes are looking droopy and you're not yet ready to make that investment until you've reached your goal. What will you wear today? if you are sick of your old …

Top 10 Rompers Under $40
When the mercury soars above 86 degrees, there is nothing better than throwing on a breezy one piece and being done with it. The great part is that rompers these days are not just for picnics anymore. Wear a romper for any occasion from work to a smart dance party.

5 Easy Ways to Mimic the Runway and Mix Your Printed Separates
How to Wear Mixed Prints

Update Your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring 2010
Don't feel like dropping every dime of overtime on a new wardrobe for spring? Need a cheap and easy wardrobe update, stat? Discover these neccessary spring trends that are actually worth the investment.

10 Cheap Sweater Dresses
Keep warm and toasty this winter with these gorgeous, inexpensive sweater dresses.

Red Dresses Under 50 Dollars
There's a difference between a cheap red dress and a red dress for cheap. These 10 dresses are the latter. Also, they're all under $50.

Spring Dresses Under 40 Dollars
It's time to welcome spring dresses back into our wardrobes. The easiest of all clothing items, dresses let you make whole outfits in minutes. And as a bonus, they're often pretty cheap.

Summer Dresses for Under 30 Dollars
The best thing about summer isn't the beach: It's the availability of cheap, cute dresses. Some are as cheap as $30.

Summer Dresses for 20 Dollars or Less
If you find summer dresses cheaper than these, you should not buy them. Because they almost definitely fell off the back of a truck.

Budget Summer Fashion: The Best Cheap Clothes for Summer
Who knows where summer clothes go during the winter? All we know is that whenever we dig into the old closet after a long winter of parkas and long pants, we find that we have absolutely nothing to wear. Here's how to replenish your wardrobe on a budget.

Adam Luckwaldt, Guest Author
Sometimes, you need man's take on men's style. Adam Luckwaldt is my in-house expert on men's fashion on a budget. (No, I mean, literally: He lives in my house.)

Where to Buy Cheap Swimsuits Online
Swimsuits get more expensive every single year, but it's not like we get more for our money. (They don't, for instance, come with a pool attached.) So why pay more?

Spring 2014 Trends: 10 Pairs of Metallic Shoes Under $50

6 Tips for Keeping Your Wardrobe in Like-New Condition

9 Items You'll Love from the Adam Levine for Kmart Collection
The 9 pieces you will want from the Adam Levine for Kmart Collection. The collection features clothing and accessory items designed by Adam Levine.

10 Affordable Little Black Dresses that are Anything but Boring
Every woman should own a Little Black Dress. A Little Black Dress does not have to be expensive.

Where to Find Swimsuits for Less
Swimsuits don't have to cost a fortune. If you are searching for a new suit, be sure to check out these five stores to find swimsuits for less.

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