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Cute (Bargain) Look for Fall


Who says you can't save money and look fab at the same time? Check out this entire outfit - from shoes to jewelry - that will let you sport the latest fall fashions for under $150.

Make these pieces work in a variety of looks - toss a cropped blazer over the dress and wear with pumps, or wear the shoes with pants and a long, belted sweater.

Total Outfit Cost: $138

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Gap Houndstooth DressGap Houndstooth Dress, $88Madison Ankle Boot, PaylessMadison Ankle Boot from Payless, $34.99Layered Chain Necklace, Charlotte RusseLayered Chain Necklace, Charlotte Russe, $7.99Opaque Tights, Old NavyOpaque Tights, Old Navy, $6.50
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