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8 Black Blazers Under $70

8 of the web's best black blazers in every trend to get you "suited up" for less


The perfect black blazer can be anything from menswear inspired to ultra-ladylike. Whatever your orientation, here are 8 great online options to get you “suited up” for less than $70.

1. Women’s Essential One Button Blazer

With flattering one-button construction and a slightly puffed sleeve, this blazer will go nicely with literally anything from cut-offs to a cocktail dress.

2. Contrast Trim Crop Blazer

Contrast Trim Crop Blazer
Coco would be proud (or salty about the knock-off, depending on her mood). This Chanel-inspired washed black blazer will class up skinny jeans like magic. Just throw on a chain belt and you’re golden.

3. Military Blazer

Military Blazer
Get some structure in your life with a touch of militant style. Epaulets and a double breast would be trés chic juxtaposed with girly florals or diaphanous ruffles.

4. Cropped Zipped Blazer

Cropped Zipped Blazer
Zippers are ubiquitous this season, and for good reason. They add a dash of edgy hardware and are easy to pull off, no matter what mood you’re in. This asymmetrical blazer will do you a solid for all the same reasons.

5. Silence & Noise Pieced Shoulder Shrunken Blazer

This shrunken option with faux leather tonal inserts at the shoulders will make a play on that strong shoulder trend you’ve been hearing about, without making you look like a linebacker.

6. Boyfriend Blazer

What says nonchalant cool more than borrowing your boyfriend’s clothes? Maybe your boyfriend will want to borrow yours once he gets an eyeful of this. Roll up the sleeves to show off the cheeky striped lining.

7. Urban Renewal Cropped Linen Blazer

Urban Renewal Cropped Linen Blazer – Urban Outfitters, $58
Feminine construction with military details like gold trim and a mandarin collar will give any outfit a little more oomph in a flattering way. This jacket could almost qualify as a statement accessory.

8. Textured Peplum Blazer

It really doesn’t get more feminine than this: ladylike seaming, woven texture, and a flattering peplum ruffle. Jackie O. would have pounced on this in a milli-second.

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