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Update Your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring 2010

Trend Essentials For Your Spring and Summer Wardrobe Update


Don't feel like dropping every dime of overtime on a new wardrobe for spring? Need a cheap and easy wardrobe update, stat? Discover these necessary spring trends that are actually worth the investment.

1. Top Runway Trends for Spring 2010 and How To Adopt Them

Scott Wintrow / Getty Images

I trust if you are on my site, you're not actually considering buying this season's tribal mini dress from Givenchy. Satisfy your Chanel taste on a K-Mart budget with these easy and cheap ways to adopt Spring / Summer 2010 runway trends.

2. Top 10 Rompers Under $40 for Spring and Summer 2010


Who doesn't love  a romper? This easy to wear, fun to style trend is more popular than ever and with endless design possibilities and falling prices, everyone will be wearing them come fall.

3. Top 5 Sunglasses Trends For Spring 2010


Sunglasses are a necessity for youthful eyes, but which trend goes best with your face shape? We'll even reveal where to get every summer eyewear trend for under $10! Isn't that nice of us?

4. Spring and Summer Hat Trends and How to Wear Them


Be it cloché, fedora, bowler or boater, hats are everywhere this season. If you're not a "hat person" yet, these irressistible trends will definitely make you change your noggin.

5. Top 8 Handbag Trends Under $50 for Spring 2010


Think you can't afford a new handbag? Think again. These eight fashion-forward bags all fall under the "mini splurge" category. If the doctor bag is too adventurous for you, try the hobo.

6. Top 5 Shoe Trends for Spring 2010


The evolution of shoe trends has been interesting lately. If there was one word I would use to describe them this season, it would be "hybrid." Booties merge with sandals, oxfords fuse with wedges, and clunky clogs morphe into platform heels. What to buy? The following are the top five trends to adopt this season at an easy-to-swallow price.

7. How To Wear Mixed Prints


Mixed prints are everywhere this season, but getting this hot, "clash-tastic" trend right isn't always easy. Here are five foolproof ways to mix prints without looking like you're about to run away to the circus.

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