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What To Wear When You're Losing Weight

How to Save Money on a New Wardrobe During That Awkward In-Between Stage


You're eating healthier and exercising and the pounds are dropping fast, but what will you wear today? If you want to show off your waning waist without prematurely investing in a whole new wardrobe, here are a few pieces you can invest in to maximize your existing wardrobe and flatter your quickly-slimming new figure.

1. A Waist Belt


Get a nice statement belt that will make you feel like a stunner even if you’re wearing your comfy “I’m bloated and lazy clothes.” Cinch oversized dresses and pants so they look like they still fit. You can also use it to cinch too-big skirts into a chic paperbag waist.

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2. High-Waisted Skirts and Pants


Tuck one of your loose-fitting t-shirts or frilly blouses into high-waisted skirts or pants and you’re instantly tailored.

3. Cropped Vest


Give your too-big dress or top a little structure and a style-injection with a vest that hits right at the waist. If your confidence let's you purchase one size smaller, you can wear this look open for a similar result as the shape draws the eye inward for an illusion of a smaller waist.

4. Leggings


A pair of leggings can be indespensible in the in-between stage of your weight loss. They can balance out your now-oversized tunics and dresses, give extra support in the belly and thigh area, provide stretch and comfort, and are available in a multitude of styles including denim, sequins and studs.

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