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Go Red for Women - Wear Red Day

Top 10 Red Cocktail Dresses Under $50


I really like my heart. It doesn't break down when I decide to dance my face off in a smoky bar for 3 hours after having skipped yoga class... for a year. But heart disease is nothing to shake a stick at. That's why the American Heart Association has dubbed today Wear Red Day.  

There is nothing quite as striking as a little red dress. Red is a color that is easy for most skin tones to pull off, as it brings out all the lovely rosy tones. Every girl should own one. Here are my top ten picks for only your most adorable / sexy / mysterious nights out.

1. Rose Peplum Stretch Dress


Dress it up or dress it down, this dress is very much enjoying its time in the 90s spotlight. Plus, this peplum ruffle will add a little shimmy to your shake.

2. Busty Knit Dress


Need some extra curves? A bit of padding and flounce in all the right places will make your waist look smaller and add one more "Va" to your "Vavoom."

3. Satin Slash Dress


This swishy satin colorblock number will highlight angular shoulders and a small waist. Make sure you wear this just in case you encounter a room of unturned heads.

4. Merino Wool Off-the-Shoulder Sweater Dress


Sleek and slinky are a good combination with a cheeky slice of shoulder and a strut to match.

5. Rose Print Tube Dress


This little red dress is perfect for a romantic evening on Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or first date. Or throw on a leather jacket, tights and ankle boots for Girl's night out. Heck, I'd even just wear it to do the dishes.

6. Strapless Origami Corset Dress

Need a little structure in your party duds? Experience red dress minimalism with a crease, fold and twist!

7. Shape FX Satin Control Dress


Get sleek with this flattering, stuctured wiggle dress complete with a body sculpting interior, pencil skirt and square neckline worthy of Mad Men's curvaceous Joan Holloway. Meow.

8. Printed Silk Fit and Flare Dress


Give me some tribal print silk any day. Combine it with a smattering of chunky gold accessories and walk out the door like you've got some place festive to be.

9. Silky Pleated Day Dress

Feeling prim? This day dress has the best of both worlds - the cut and fit worthy of a proper lady, but with the alluring fire and brimstone of a short red skirt.

10. Silky Tiered Tulip Dress

Flapper-like tiers are tempered with the modernity of raw edges and minimal details in this perfect party dress / conversation-sparker.

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