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Style Solutions for the Budget Stylista


Find all the answers to your most pressing fashion & style questions. From jeans to dresses (and everything in between), learn how to build a stylish wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Find out where to shop and how to save on your favorite everyday looks with these budget style basics.
  1. Shopping Guide
  2. Style Solutions
  3. Do It Yourself

Shopping Guide

Think of it as the Budget Stylista's guide to cheap chic. Find out where (and when) to scout out the best deals, as well as tips for stretching your clothing budget without sacrificing style.

Style Solutions

Get style advice and find out answers to all your fashion and style questions here!

Do It Yourself

Interested in learning how to update your wardrobe with simple tips and tricks? Want to learn how to take care of the items you already own? Perhaps you just want to learn how to create your own fashionable pieces without spending a ton of money? Here you will find D.Y.I. ideas, tips and tricks that will hopefully help you save money and make life easy!

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