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Trends for Less: The Latest Looks on a Budget

Get the hottest fashion trends for less. From designer fashions to celebrity looks, discover what's in style now and where to find the latest must-have fashions on a budget.

What Should I Wear when I'm Losing Weight?
Losing weight is tough on the wallet. Here's how to fake a more tailored look.

What Is Rue La La, and What Can I Buy There?
Rue La La is one of my personal favorite online sales sites. Here's why.

Budget Back-to-School Clothes for Grownups
Let's be serious: grownups are the people who could really use some great new clothes at back-to-school time.

LOOKBOOK: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's Fall 2011
Well, it's the line we've all been waiting for! The Jennifer Lopez Collection features everything from work-appropriate black pants and silky blouses to Jennifer Lopez signatures like off-the-shoulder tops, sky-high heels and jumpsuits. The Jennifer Lopez Collection is devoted mostly to clothing, but also includes home items and accessories.

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Dynamic Duo Does Kohl's!
Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Dynamic Duo Does Kohl's!

How To Buy Cute, Cheap Maternity Clothing
Congratulations, Moms-to-Be! Remember, just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to sacrifice personal style & fashion. However, it's important to know that you don't have to break the bank on clothes you will hopefully only be in the next few months, and even after your pregnancy is over! Use these few tips to help you buy great...

Stunning Summer Dresses
Even though summer has almost come to an end, the weather is still beautiful enough to rock some of best summer casual dress choices. I've round up a bunch of places where you can find the best selection of casual summer dresses for under $100. Some of the dresses are trend-right and others are stylish, but can be worn more than just one summer...

LOOKBOOK: White by Vera Wang
White by Vera Wang not only includes wedding dresses but great bridesmaid dress options, shoes and accessories. Vera Wang brings her incredible design sensibility to David's Bridal, a place where every woman can afford to have a designer dress for less.

Shop Michelle Obama's Summer Look for Less
Michelle brought fun to everyday clothing and has made high fashion more accessible. Her accessible and affordable fashion choices have gained her many admirers, and she has changed the face of political fashion by being the first First Lady to wear both high and low-end fashion. I personally love her accessible style and I've taken the time to...

Just in time for your 4th of July weekend getaway comes a new line of sportswear that's based around the idea of classic nautical design. The line appears effortlessly chic and grounded in the idea that minimalism is the key to life. Key words used to describe this line would be timeless, relaxed, classic and simplistic.

Trend Alert: Are Mini-Wedges the New Flats?
Who says you have to wear a sky-high heel to be fashionable and trend-right? If you are looking for just a bit of a lift, try a pair of mini-wedges. Wear with your favorite pair of shorts, a flirty dress -- or whatever your favorite summer outfit is. You're sure to have a hit on your hands! The best part, the "budget stylistas" out there can...

Hottest, Newest, Latest... All on a Budget!
The latest trends, fashion news and more for all of you Budget Stylistas! From discounted designer to vintage fashion, discover what's in style now and where to find the latest must-have fashions on a budget.

Find the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body and Budget
Here's a guide that will aim to help you find a swimsuit that not only flatters your particular body type, but makes it easy to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative - or minimize it, at least! Finding the right swimsuit for your body type, at the right price doesn't have to be a daunting task.

How to Choose the Best Graduation Dress
Graduation day, whether from high school or college, is one of the most important days in one's life. Therefore, it is important to really put some thought into the type of dress you choose to wear on this special day. Not to mention, there are several factors to consider when making this selection - price being one of them. Because there are so...

Celebrity Look for Less: Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian hits the NYC streets in a green floral Karen Zambos Vintage Couture dress, turning heads! This look will run you over $1000; find out how to do it for under $150.

Where To Find Budget-Friendly Eco-Fashion
What is green fashion, you ask? Well, it is more than skirts made from corn and boring, colorless shirts made from plain cotton. If we dig a bit further, we will find out that green fashion takes into account not only the environment but the health of consumers and the process from which these products are made.

How To Shop Outlets
Want designer labels, but it's not in your budget? Want to rock some of the best name brands, but you don't want to pay name brand prices? Well you can do all of that by just giving outlet shopping a try! With my help, you can accomplish the somewhat daunting task of outlet shopping and quite possibly make out better than you expected.

Vacation Fashion 2011: What to Buy, Now!
Target has partnered with Calypso St. Barth, the global luxury lifestyle brand known for upscale resort wear, to introduce an affordable, limited-edition collection for fashion and home. Clothing prices range from $14.99 to $49.99.

Celebrity Look for Less: Beyonce's 2011 NBA All Star Game Outfit
Even though slightly overdressed for a basketball game, Beyonce presented herself as a fierce trendsetter. It was the 2011 NBA All Star Game, what else would we expect?

Budget Brand Alert: New Brand For Trendy Work Clothes
For those of you looking for trendy work clothes with prices that are easy on the wallet, then Bar III could be just what you are looking for. If you are a fan of clothes by Rachel Roy or BCBGeneration, then you will love what Bar III has to offer. The best part is you will not go broke buying these clothes!

Fashion Review: C9 by Champion® Fitted Bootcut Pants with Extended Sizes
Fashion Review: C9 by Champion® Fitted Bootcut Pants with Extended Sizes

Target Fashion Review
Below you will find some easy tips on how to shop smart at Target and how to incorporate pieces into your wardrobe that compliment your personal style.

Recolor Your Wardrobe on a DIY Budget
Recolor your wardrobe on a "DIY Budget". Spend just a few hours and a few dollars to recolor the items in your closet.

Suit Yourself!
Could there be a more versatile closet staple than a blazer? Of course not! The “perfect blazer” is one of those items that every woman should own one of, and winds up on every fashion insider’s “must-have list” each season. But where can you find a great-looking blazer, for an even better price? That is where I come in; I’m here to tell you...

Runway Robbery
Don’t waste all day drooling over $1400 designer outfits on your favorite fashion site. Style is universal! So take these big ideas from next season (pre-fall 2010) and make them your own this year. All you need is a thrift store, a craft store, some things you probably already own, and touch of DIY ingenuity.

Target Fashion Review
How to Shop at Target Without Looking Like You Shop at Target.

Spring 2009 Fashion Trends
Spring 2009 fashion trends are here! From butterfly prints and neutrals to flirty dresses, trench coats and 80's style, find out what all of the hottest fashion trends are for Spring 2009 - coming soon to a store near you!

Trends for Spring and Fall
Get the latest trends for fall - without breaking the bank - with this roundup of hot fall looks, all for under $75!

Spring Shoe Trends
From bright flats and gladiators to wedges, discover the latest spring trends in shoes and sandals.

Spring Fashion Trend - Trench Coats
Trench coats are one of the hottest trends for spring 2009. Luckily for your budget, you won't have to spend a lot to wear this versatile look. Beat the rain, wind and fashion snobs this spring with one of these stylish - yet wallet-friendly - trench coat picks.

Spring Shoes with Fringe
From thong sandals to gladiators, wedges and even work shoes, you'll find fringe on all types of spring shoes. And with these bargain picks, you can afford to sport one of this season's hottest trends without breaking the bank.

2009 Academy Awards Fashion
From Kate Winslet to Angelina Jolie and Taraji Henson, find out what all the stars wore to the 2009 Academy Awards, and how to get the red carpet looks for less.

Fashion Trends at the 2009 Golden Globes
From electric blue dresses to basic black, find out what all the hottest fashion trends were at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards Show.

Michelle Obama's Style - From Designer to Budget-Friendly Looks
Michelle Obama. Whether you think her style sense rivals the iconic looks of Jackie O. or not, there's no denying that the fashion world has its eyes on the future first lady - and everything she's wearing. Take a look at some of her most celebrated (and panned) looks from the election season.

Fall Fashion Trends - Splurge or Save?
Booties, shooties, rain boots, bangles and trench coats. Find out which of the hot fall fashion trends are worth the splurge, and which to buy on the cheap.

Nautical Style
The arrival of summer means that it's time to break out the navy and white. Check out these wallet-friendly navy and white fashions, and show off your nautical style for less.

Swimwear for Summer 2008
Get the latest looks in swimwear - at wallet-friendly prices - with this roundup of beach-ready swimsuits. From bright colors to metallics and nautical prints, discover summer 2008 swimwear for less.

What's Hot in Jewelry - Animal Print Bangles
The animal print trend isn't stopping with handbags or scarves this year. Check out how to wear zebra, snakeskin or tiger on your wrist, with shopping tips from your About Guide to Jewelry.

Runway to Main Street
Some trends do make it from the runway to the mainstream. Check out your About Fashion Guide’s top runway looks for the rest of us.

Fashion Dos and Don’ts
Are you certain you aren’t committing a fashion faux pas? Your About Fashion Guide shares her top style “dos and don’ts” here.

Update Your Wardrobe for Fall
From jeans to a sheath dress and a neutral suit, you've got the basics covered - fab! Now, learn how to update your wardrobe and make your old stuff look very Fall 2008 with a few simple additions.

Spring 2008 Style Steals - 5 Handbags Under $50
From bright colors to natural materials and metallics, find all of the spring 2008 trends in this roundup of fabulous handbags - all for $50 or less!

Fashion Jewelry Trends for Fall (On Any Budget!)
The fashion jewelry trends for Fall are here! From geometric gemstones, vintage looks and metallics, to cuff bracelets, dramatic bib necklaces and more, find all of the hottest fall fashion jewelry trends - for under $60 each!

Fall Fashion for Less
This fall, look fab without blowing your budget! From where to find the latest trends for less, to updating your basic wardrobe with a few style additions, find out how to stay in style - without paying full price.

5 Top Spring 2008 Trends for Less
Brightly colored handbags, metallic sandals, mod prints - get all the latest spring styles at budget prices.

Zac Posen for Target Spring 2010 - Top Picks For Maximum Mileage
Be still my heart, the Zac Posen for Target line is slated to for availability in Target stores April 25, 2010. While I wouldn't recommend the mindless snapping up of every Go International line that comes along, Posen is known for his flattering style, classic silhouettes and signature draping. Though the price points seem pricey for Target and the quality remains to be seen, this collection wil…

How to Adopt Spring 2010 Runway Trends for Less
Spring 2010 Runway Trends on a Budget

Why to Shop at Off-Price Retailers like TJ Maxx and Ross
Why to Shop at Off-Price Retailers Like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross. My Designer Outfit for $35

Mixed Patterns - Do You Love Them Or Hate Them? Are You Brave Enough …
Mixed Patterns - Do You Love Them Or Hate Them? Are You Brave Enough To Wear Mixed Prints?

How to Shop Smart at Forever 21
Forever 21 Review - How to Shop at Forever 21 and Save

80-Dollar Outfit: The Best Cheap Job Interview Outfit
Need a cheap interview outfit that will make you look like a million bucks? (Or at least someone who should earn a million bucks?) Look no further.

10 Cheap Sweater Dresses
Keep warm and toasty this winter with these gorgeous, inexpensive sweater dresses.

Red Dresses Under 50 Dollars
There's a difference between a cheap red dress and a red dress for cheap. These 10 dresses are the latter. Also, they're all under $50.

What's a good, cheap alternative to this designer bag?
Let's say you have your heart set on this designer handbag, but you don't have the money. Are there any good, cheap alternatives to the pricey designer version?

Spring Dresses Under 40 Dollars
It's time to welcome spring dresses back into our wardrobes. The easiest of all clothing items, dresses let you make whole outfits in minutes. And as a bonus, they're often pretty cheap.

Summer Dresses for Under 30 Dollars
The best thing about summer isn't the beach: It's the availability of cheap, cute dresses. Some are as cheap as $30.

Summer Dresses for 20 Dollars or Less
If you find summer dresses cheaper than these, you should not buy them. Because they almost definitely fell off the back of a truck.

Budget Summer Fashion: The Best Cheap Clothes for Summer
Who knows where summer clothes go during the winter? All we know is that whenever we dig into the old closet after a long winter of parkas and long pants, we find that we have absolutely nothing to wear. Here's how to replenish your wardrobe on a budget.

Where can I find cheap swimsuits that won't fall apart?
Swimsuits get more expensive every year. If you don't feel like dropping a hundred bucks on something you'll wear only a handful of times this summer, here's where to shop.

Spring 2014 Trends: 10 Pairs of Metallic Shoes Under $50

How to Get Lupita Nyong'o's Colorful Style for Less
Lupita Nyong'o was named People's Most Beautiful Person. Here's how to steal her stellar runway style for less.

9 Items You'll Love from the Adam Levine for Kmart Collection
The 9 pieces you will want from the Adam Levine for Kmart Collection. The collection features clothing and accessory items designed by Adam Levine.

10 Pairs of "Ugly Sandals" Under $50
Ugly sandals are one of the biggest summer 2014 footwear trends. Here are 10 pairs of ugly sandals for less than $50.

8 Pieces You'll Love from the RACHEL Rachel Roy Collection
Get Rachel Roy's impeccable style for less with the RACHEL Rachel Roy Collection, available exclusively at Macy's.

Birkenstock-Like Sandals for Less Than $50
Birkenstocks sandals are everywhere this summer. We share how to get the Birkenstock look for less.

5 Top Budget Fashion Blogs

Fall's Biggest Trend for Less: 8 Stylish Backpacks Under $50
Backpacks are going to be everywhere this fall. We found a few options for less than $50 each.

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