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Why Shop at Off-Price Retailers like TJ Maxx and Ross?

My $35 Designer Outfit from Marshall's


Why Shop at Off-Price Retailers like TJ Maxx and Ross?

Designer Outfit Under $35 From Marshall's

Most people realize that simply fogging up the windows at Dillard's is not going to get you that pricey DKNY cocktail dress any faster. Something most people don't know about is the distinct possibility you could find that exact same DKNY frock at that exact same moment at the TJ Maxx near you for a mere fraction of the price. I'm not joking around and here's why:

  • Off-price retailers have “opportunistic” (or what Marshall's likes to call "shoppertunistic") buyers, i.e. they take advantage of canceled orders, forecasting miscalculations, and overproduction at vastly discounted prices.
  • Department stores have the option of returning merchandise that doesn’t sell, but off-price retailers’ purchases are final. That means there is no limit to how low their clearance prices can go.
  • Most of the merchandise at off-price retailers are in-season, released at the same time as full-priced merchandise at department stores.
  • Most off-price retailers have a speedy turnaround time as short as two weeks from the time a shipment is ordered to the time that the products are shown on the floor.
The following pages feature some major scores I unearthed within about 45 minutes of scratching the surface at a nearby Marshall's.

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