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What Should I Wear while I'm Losing Weight?


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Question: What Should I Wear while I'm Losing Weight?
Dear Budget Style Guide,

I recently lost 30 pounds. Yay! But I still have 25 left to lose. Boo. I'm pretty much swimming in my clothes from last year, but I don't have the money to buy a whole new wardrobe, especially since I'm planning on losing more. What should I do?

I should also mention that I hate shopping.

Cara T.

Answer: Dear Cara,

I will tell you a secret: Many style people hate shopping. I myself hate shopping. What I like is getting stuff, which is entirely different. Also, looking excellent. Let's get you to that place, without making you while away your precious free time in a mall somewhere.

First of all, congratulations. I bet you feel amazing. And you deserve to look amazing, which is not as stressful on the old budget as you might think. Bad news first: you absolutely have to buy a few new things, even if you're planning on losing more weight. You'll feel better with clothes that fit, which will fuel your efforts at continuing to eat well and exercise and show off the weight you've lost so far to best advantage.

You need:

1. At least two new bras that fit you properly. I've said this before, but it's worth going to a professional bra lady to get a good fit, especially when things have changed drastically. But, if you can't bear that, you can always measure yourself. This is a good guide. (Note that I say two new bras. That's because you shouldn't wear the bras two days in a row. It wears them out faster, and it's just kinda gross.)

2. New underpants. Because nothing ruins your look more than running around clutching the waistband of your undies because they're too large all of a sudden. I speak from experience.

3. A belt that fits. This is basically a way to make your current dresses and pants look more tailored. It won't pass up-close inspection or look quite as slimming as clothes in your new size, but it'll carry you through until you reach your goal weight.

4. A new pair of jeans. This is optional, but jeans are cheap and versatile, and having a pair of jeans that fits well will make you feel skinnier than anything else you can buy. I guarantee the first time you wear them out, people will ask you if you've lost weight recently. This will be frustrating, because if you've done things the right way, you'll have been losing weight for months now. Good jeans really show it off, though.

The good news is that none of these things need to be expensive. You can probably find all these items for under $100 total, and do most of your shopping online, where it's never crowded and everything is on sale all of the time. If you do feel up for a bit more shopping, online or otherwise, the previous Guide to this here site has some good tips on what to buy and how to style your outfits to maximize the impact of your newly athletic shape.

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