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80-Dollar Outfit: The Best Cheap Job Interview Outfit


Picking an outfit for a job interview isn't as easy as it used to be. In the old days, you bought an interview suit, low heels, and some jewelry that fit the Coco Chanel accessory rule ("Elegance is refusal") and went off on your merry way.

These days, nothing about getting a job is easy, and only the most traditional industries have a uniform. Ideally, you want to go into a job interview feeling like the best possible version of yourself, not like a little girl dressed up in her mom's clothes, or like some kind of pod person who replaced the real, awesome you just in time for this interview.

Also, it'd be nice not to spend an entire unemployment check on clothes you'll wear for an hour or two. Here's one classic outfit that won't cost a mint, but will make you feel like a million. Perhaps you should also wear it while negotiating your new salary.

Classic Gray Blazer

Classic Gray Blazer
Forever 21
Some people claim there's nothing better than a classic black blazer, but for our money, you can't do better than gray. It's slightly unexpected, but still gives that small nod to tradition that all good interview outfits should have. This woven herringbone jacket is pleasantly autumnal, but still light enough to deal with weird office heating issues. (And we have never seen an office that didn't have weird office heating issues, so it's best to be prepared.) Forever 21, $29.80

Chiffon-Tiered Jersey Cami in Black

Chiffon-tiered Jersey Cami
Old Navy
Oh, Old Navy. Your commercials are sometimes terrifying but your clothes are such a great deal. This might be the cheapest chiffon cami we've ever seen, and yet -- layered appropriately -- no one will ever know that you spent under $15 on it. Old Navy, $11.99

Pleated Animal Print Skirt

Pleated Animal Print Skirt
The Gap
Animal prints are the new neutral, which is in itself the new black. However, we fully accept that most people are still going to feel a little weird about wearing animal print on a job interview. Which is why this skirt, with its very subtle cheetah print and black-on-olive coloring is perfect for giving your interview outfit that (very) little bit of pop. Gap, $29.99

Black Tights

Basic Black Tights
Many style people are sick to death of black tights, but we will never, ever break up with ours. Black tights make your legs look longer, and your body look slimmer. They're easy for lazy dressing days, and they're often cheap. For example, you can find these for $2.99. $2.99! Your pre-interview coffee probably costs more. Various, $2.99 or higher
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Beaded Cluster Drop Earrings

Beaded Cluster Drop Earrings
Old Navy
The accessory section at Old Navy is perhaps its best kept secret. OK, none of it will fool people into thinking that you've managed to purchase some of Liz Taylor's old gems. But much of their stuff is super cute, dirt cheap, and, if you'll forgive us for using a particularly yucky style-person phrase, on-trend. (We know, we know. Sorry.) Old Navy, $6.94

Which Shoes to Choose?

As for shoes, you really can't go wrong with a cute pair of flats. Stick to black to make your legs look longer. Flat dress boots also work well with this outfit. We'd skip the high heels though, at least until the post-interview cocktail celebration. Also, we recommend avoiding stilettos, ankle boots, and sky-high heels, all of which will take your outfit in a decidedly non-professional direction.

Total Cost of the Outfit

The total cost of this outfit? $81.62. You can save even more by skipping the earrings and substituting your favorites from your own collection. We're always big fans of lucky jewelry, so if you have any earrings that you get good vibes from, by all means, wear those.

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