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Budget Summer Fashion: The Best Cheap Clothes for Summer

Cheap Dresses, Clothes, and Makeup for Summer


Every year, it's the same thing: The weather gets a little bit warmer, and we dig deep into our closets, only to find that all our summer clothes have mysteriously vanished over the winter. Who knows where they go? Probably to that bizarre dimension that claims all our socks from the dryer. Anyway, we've never seen a single spring that didn't require a serious investment in the old wardrobe.

The tricky part, of course, is finding the cash -- or enough cute, cheap clothes to make a large bank account unnecessary. Until such a time as we can summon twenties out of thin air, we'll make do with this round-up of budget summer fashion.

The Cheapest Summer Dresses: $20 and Under

Dresses Under $20
Forever 21
Seriously budget-minded style seekers take note: It is totally possible to find an adorable summer dress for under $20. Featuring color blocking, plenty of pink, and the cutest cherry print we've seen in a long time.

Summer Dresses for Under $30

Dresses Under $30
Ruffles, prints, bright, and pastels -- this summer offers a variety of wearable trends for every preference. You can go for sleek and sophisticated or girl it up and dress like a human cupcake. It's pretty much up to you.

Spring Dresses for Under $40

Dresses Under $40
Old Navy
Looking for something with sleeves? These dresses might fit the bill. They're perfect for the cooler spring weather, and breezy enough for the hotter months as well. (Especially if you spend any part of your summer in freezing cold air-conditioned rooms.)

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends 2012

Spring and Summer Trends
Getty Images
Full skirts, bright colors, stripes, cardigans, and more: This season offers trends for every taste and budget. Here's how to pull it all off.

10 Ways to Wear Brights

Brights Trend
Getty Images
Brights are a huge trend for spring and summer 2012, and great for budget-minded people. For some reason, the H&Ms and the Targets of this world always seem to jump on the neon trend as soon as it emerges. However, this awesomely affordable fad requires careful planning to pull off. Here's how to wear brights without looking like a traffic cone.

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends for Petites

Pastel Trend
Getty Images
Several of spring's hottest fashion trends are perfect for petites, including pastels, brights, color blocking, and floral prints. As always, it's all about how you wear them.

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends for Tall Women

Trends for Tall Women
Getty Images
Most of us envy tall women. We compare them with runway models and bemoan our own inability to gain five pounds without purchasing new pants. But it isn't always easy being tall. Here's how to get the most of spring and summer trends if you're a lanky lady.

7 Flattering Maternity Swimsuits

Maternity Swimsuits
It's the most important and most dreaded purchase on most people's summer shopping list: the swimsuit. Add in a baby bump and the endless body scrutiny that pregnancy invites, and you have a tricky shopping trip ahead of you. These swimsuits are practical, pretty, and won't drain baby's college fund.

Make Your Own Summer Dresses

DIY Spring and Summer Dresses
Summer dresses are super cheap, but if you're a creative person, you can bypass the stores entirely and just make your own cute duds.

Multicultural Makeup Trends for Spring and Summer

Makeup Trends Summer 2012
Getty Images
Get ready for softer eyes, shimmery skin, and bold red lips. You could almost skip buying new clothes this summer, and sink your style budget into makeup instead.

Top Body Makeup Products

Body Makeup
Getty Images
We are not saying that you have any visible veins. You are probably completely blemish-free like a Barbie Doll. However, we need just a tiny bit of help, once those hemlines come up and those leggings go back into the drawer for the summer. These body makeup products are a great way to start.

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