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Shop for Michelle Obama's Style

Wallet-Friendly Stores Michelle Obama Loves


Michelle Obama loves designer duds as much as anyone, but she's not afraid to mix up her wardrobe with budget-friendly picks from stores like J. Crew and Gap. Check out some of the stores at which Michelle Obama shops, and steal her affordable First Lady style for yourself!

1. J. Crew

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J. Crew might not fall in the budget category for many of us - particularly these days - but Ms. Obama should be applauded for wearing more off-the-mall-rack clothes than any other First Lady. The rest of us might want to wait for the sales to hit, but J. Crew offers a great mix of classic dressy and casual separates that can be easily mixed-and-matched. Invest in timeless picks like sweater sets, sheath dresses and crisp button-downs that you can wear over and over again.
See Michelle in J.Crew on the campaign trail.

2. White House|Black Market

Most of us hadn't even heard of White House|Black Market until Michelle Obama caused a frenzy after appearing on The View in a bargain dress from the mall retailer. Shop online for (mostly) black and white picks like fab sheath dresses, skirts and more in every print or floral pattern imaginable.

3. H&M

We love H&M, but hate the fact that you can't shop online. If you've got a store near you, channel your inner First Lady and look for fab summer dresses for a song. Michelle was spotted on the campaign trail in a striped H&M dress (proving you don't have to spend a lot to look fab) and we're eager to see more!

4. Gap

There is a certain comfort in the Gap. Not only is there a store around every corner, but you can count on them to offer reasonably priced clothing for just about every occasion and time of day - including nighttime. Ms. Obama sported a cute black and white checked summer dress from the Gap on the Fourth of July, so we're anticipating more budget looks we can steal as the weather heats up. Stay tuned!

5. Target

We haven't spied Michelle Obama wearing any clothing from Target (that we can identify, anyway) but she admitted to being a Target shopper on Leno. We can imagine her picking up a few cute pieces of jewelry, or adding color to her neutral clothes with scarves from the budget retailer.
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